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Green House Emissions

Since it’s inception in 1986 Pure & Gentle Inc. has established its self as an environmental company.  To ensure that Pure & Gentle Inc. remains competitive in a changing world and protects the environmental quality valued by its customers several (GHG) mitigation activities have been implemented.  

In 2005 Pure& Gentle Inc. replaced, where feasible, all petroleum based raw materials with sustainable plant derived raw materials.  In 2008 Pure & Gentle eliminated the use of all nonyl phenol ethoxylates in its formulas.  Also in 2008 Pure & Gentle reformulated its core product line to high concentrates reducing packaging by 55% and reducing freight weights by 50%. 

To further Pure & Gentle’s commitment, in 2009 Pure & Gentle Inc. began a (GHG) inventory assessment to help identify its (GHG) footprint and began planning an action agenda to reduce (GHG) emissions.  This assessment identified that a large portion of the (GHG) emissions were a result of outbound transportation.  Using 2009 as the base year Pure & Gentle set a goal of reduction of 5% by 2010 and a 30% reduction by 2014. 

Pure & Gentle Inc. has now implemented carbon neutral shipping with its high volume freight carriers and as a result Pure & Gentle Inc. has met and exceeded its 2010 goal and is well on its way to achieving the 2014 goal.

Total GHG emissions for Pure & Gentle Inc.

2009 - 536 CO2-e  metric tons

2010 - 356 CO2-e  metric tons