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16 oz. Pure & Gentle Econcentrate Hair Shampoo

Econcentrate Hair Shampoo with 16 oz Dispenser

The Econcentrate Salon shampoo is a unique blend of the finest natural ingredients that are both safe for you and the environment. Enriched with soy oil and vitamin E, the Econcentrate salon style shampoo gives the very best results for your hair. Package reduction means that this product reduces packaging by as much as 3 times of conventional hair shampoos while enhancing the quality.  Each pint of concentrated product will make half a gallon of finished product.  THIS PRODUCT REQUIRES DILUTION BEFORE USE. Each product size comes with empty 16 oz bottle for diluting. 

  • 1 GALLON  =   4 GALLONS of READY TO USE product
  • 1 QUART    =   1 GALLON of READY TO USE product
  • 1 PINT        =   1/2 GALLON of READY TO USE product

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  • Made with Natural Honey
  • Hypo-allergenic Formula
  • Enriched with Vitamin E
  • Conditioning Wheat Protein