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Pure & Gentle hypo-allergenic e-concentrate liquid dish soap with 16 oz dispenser

Econcentrate Liquid Dish Soap with 16 oz Dispenser

Weight: 8lbs

Just a teaspoon of Econcentrate dish soap will give a sink full of suds while removing the toughest food grease and grime. The Econcentrate dish soap is a plant-derived hypo-allergenic product that does not contain any bleaches or any harsh polluting chemicals. Dye free, phosphate-free and safe for septic systems. Highly concentrated reduces packaging by as much as 6 times of conventional dish soaps. THIS PRODUCT REQUIRES DILUTIONS BEFORE USE. Each size of product comes with empty 16 oz dispenser bottle with dilution marks and flip top cap.

  • 1 GALLON  =   4 GALLONS of READY TO USE product
  • 1 QUART    =   1 GALLON of READY TO USE product
  • 1 PINT        =   1/2 GALLON of READY TO USE product

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  • Cleans tough food debris
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • No volatile chemicals
  • Safe for septic systems